About East Lodge Capital


ELC was founded by Alistair Lumsden in August 2013 to invest in public and private opportunities across global securitization markets.  Mr. Lumsden is one of the few fund managers who successfully managed a large structured credit hedge fund before, during and after the Global Financial Crisis. Many of the firm’s senior professionals worked together at their prior firms, helping foster a culture of collegiality and mutual respect.

East Lodge’s investment professionals have decades of experience investing in these markets, with expertise spanning all geographies and most subsectors. While the primary focus is on the larger/core markets, such as residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities, collateralized loan obligations and consumer asset-backed securities, East Lodge’s investment team is continuously identifying opportunities in new markets or sectors that have developed or have been dormant over the last few years.

Client Focus

At East Lodge, we put our clients first. While we serve an institutional client base, we aim to provide a personal level of service to meet the unique needs of each of our investors. We understand and appreciate the significant amount of trust they are putting in us when hiring our firm to manage their capital or the capital of their clients or constituents. We pride ourselves on providing innovative investment solutions and tailored portfolio exposures, offering both commingled funds and customized solutions.

East Lodge has a global, institutional client base ranging from public and corporate pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments & foundations, fund of funds and family offices.

Alistair Lumsden is passionate about creating a strong firm culture based upon the following core tenets:

  • Honesty, Integrity & Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Inclusivity & Mutual Respect